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Nifty 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Like a fine wine, birthday parties should become better with age (and by better we mean bigger!) 50th birthdays are the most common age celebration that people shop for at Shindigs and often people don't know where to start or where to search for inspiration when they begin planning the big party. Fear not, though, weary party planner, for here is a handy guide to aid you in the process, with tips, inspiration and ideas which will make sure that everyone at the party thinks 50 is nifty!


First, the party needs what every party needs - guests! Sending some fun invitations filled with some confetti is a sure fire way to get guests excited for the party! Invites and confetti can be 50th birthday specific, or generic - it all depends on the guest of honours preference. 


Decorations & balloons for the party can be treated in the same way as the invites and confetti - either 50 specific, generic, or a mixture of both! Using the guest of honour's favourite colours as a basis for choosing the decorations is a good place to start, as most styles of party decorations are available in a wide variety of colours. The styles of decorations are also available in a wide variety - hanging decorations, foil cutouts, centrepieces, streamers, banners and more! 


Finding tableware and napkins is usually easiest after you've decided on which decorations and balloons you're going to use. Simply find tableware and napkins that matches them and you're set! There's loads of 50th birthday specific and coloured tableware and napkins on our site for you to check out. 

To make the guest of honour feel truly special and ensure that they're the centre of attention at the party, you really can't go past a big 50 badge or a tiara - they can't be missed! These badges and tiaras are not only heaps of fun at the party, but they also serve as a nice little memento of the party for the guest of honour later on.


Now for the true mark of a successful party - some delicious party food! Whether it's cake, cupcakes, cookies, savoury treats or a clever "50 Sucks" lollipop bouquet, there's no limit to your creativity when making these culinary masterpieces. Why not use number cookie cutters to make "50" cookies and fondant cake decorations?  Or simply decorate the treat table with a 50th banner?  Whatever method you choose, it's sure to work a treat for the treats!


For a fun party activity, why not make 50 cards and give one to each party guest to write a memory down about the guest of honour?  They can then be given to them as a gift, or read aloud at the party to embarrass them! Either way, they're sure to be a big hit! (Pinterest link in picture.) There's also some lovely signature mats available, on which people can write some heartfelt messages (as well as some funny memories!)


There's heaps of 50th birthday party decorations and supplies when you visit Shindigs
Click on the images for more information, or visit our 50th Birthday Party board on Pinterest.
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