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Oktoberfest is nearly here - Prost!

Guten Tag! Oktoberfest is nearly here again and that means it’s time to start preparing for the occasion! German-inspired decorations, some blue & white supplies to mimic the colours of Bavaria, and, of course, the beer itself! There’s heaps of fantastisch things you can do for your Oktoberfest party, so take a look at this post for some inspiration and check out our wide range of Oktoberfest supplies online – no need to say Danke, we’ve got your back!




For the decorations, you can go with typical Oktoberfest / German colours (red, black & gold), typical Bavarian colours (blue & white) and combine these both with some Oktoberfest specific decorations! These colours in balloons can go into table arrangements, or they can be loose on the ceiling in your beer tent – now all you need is the beer tent!




There’s heaps of options for the tableware for the party, too!  Napkins, plates, tablecovers, cutlery and much more in the German colours and Bavarian colours!




As for the snacks, you can’t go wrong with pretzels and other German snacks (strudel, anyone?) You can even make some sweet treats, if you’re feeling creative – some cupcakes with blue & white fondant decoration would be a big hit! There’s also heaps of single coloured lollies in our range you can use to keep all of the food at the occasion on theme – das ist sehr gut!




Don’t forget the cups for the beer – check out our full range of plastic cups here!




Don’t forget to get dressed up for the occasion (time to dust of those lederhosen!) We’ve got a huge range of fun Oktoberfest costumes – there’s even a beer bottle costume that everyone’s sure to love! There’s also heaps of hats that’ll let everyone feel like they’ve been transported to Munich!




Check out our Oktoberfest range online or in-store for all of your Oktoberfest celebration needs! Prost!