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Good ideas for a Baby Shower!

Baby showers are always a joyous occasion, as a newborn entering the family is definitely a cause for celebration. Many baby showers opt for pink for a girl and blue for a boy, but some baby shower planners choose to go a different way. With some non-gender specific decorations (especially for showers where the expecting Mum doesn't know the baby's gender yet) or a theme that isn't particular to a gender, it's easy to throw a unique and fun baby shower. In this blog, we'll cover some ideas that would make for a great baby shower. Feel free to follow the guide to the letter or pick and choose the ideas that appeal to you. Either way, we've got your back in baby shower planning. 


Picking a fun theme for the shower is a good place to start and is good cause to let your creative juices start flowing. The list is endless, but don't let that worry you. We'll condense it a little so you're not too spoilt for choice! In store here at Shindigs, there are a few themes for baby showers that have endured in their popularity. These include: owls, ladybugs, turtles, ocean and elephants among others. It's easy to plan if you have a theme, because then you have a guide for choosing all of your party supplies. (We promise, baby shower planning is as much fun as the shower itself!)


Balloons and decorations are a must at any celebration - and baby showers are no exception! You could use some lovely table arrangements, loose balloons to put on the ceiling, as well as some hanging decorations to hang over the presents table. Getting creative with the balloons and decorations is also lots of fun, like this balloon cloud "raining" over the presents table.


So cute and so creative! If you're looking for an easier solution, some hanging tissue paper pom poms would work an absolute treat and definitely impress your guests. 


And to make it even easier, you can use the decorations to dictate what kind of tableware you need - simply mix and match according to colour and/or theme and there you have it!

Some fun party games would also be a treat. If you've picked a theme, you can make a "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" style game that will suit it (e.g. pin the spots on the ladybird, pin the diaper on the baby etc.) You can also buy baby shower bingo games for all of your guests to play. There are some other classic party games that can be adapted for a baby shower, such as guess how many dummys/lollies are in the big baby bottle. The fun never ends!


Speaking of the, ahem... delicious... baby food pictured above, your party treats are also a great means for letting your creativity out. Cake pops, cookies, sandwiches, savoury snacks, whatever you think you and your guests will most want to eat can work for a baby shower. Most people planning foods to use at a baby shower tend to stick to a pastel colour scheme, especially when decorating cups and cookies. Pastel colours are, after all, synonymous with baby showers. You could also arrange cupcakes/cake pops into certain shapes, such as prams or, of course, a baby. Here's a few pictures for you to look at and help you start formulating some ideas. (Cake decorating supplies available on our webstore.)


Some nice drinks to go along the snacks would go down well. You could serve lemonade with a dash of food colouring, if you had a colour scheme, and serve it in baby bottles for an extra bit of fun. Ice cubes with small baby favours inside popped in the drinks would be a big hit, too. 


You can find heaps more for your baby shower online at Shindigs .
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Shindigs Party Pinterest page.