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Scandalous Hen's Night Ideas!

A Hen’s Night (sometimes known as a Bachelorette Party) is always fun, but with a little creativity and some decidedly adult accessories, it can be a truly scandalous affair! Here at Shindigs, we recently got in some Hen’s Night supplies (in the shape of a certain appendage that shall remain nameless…) and it’s been selling like hotcakes! This blog is here to give you some ideas about how you can make your Hen’s Night into a truly memorable affair – your guests will be scandalised, but really, what’s a good Hen’s Night without some scandal?


I think you can all guess what the aforementioned appendage was… We have some hilarious supplies for a Hen’s Night, whether it be a Grow Your Own Willy game, a life size blow up Gentleman Doll (anatomically correct and everything!) or some straws that’ll have everyone laughing! There’s even a self-inflating Pop-Up Pecker, and Pin the Junk on the Hunk party game for good measure! Make sure to hand out Pecker Whistles to each guest – just in case they need to get some attention throughout the evening!

You can add a bit of scandal with some DIY Hen’s Night games and snacks, too! Some frozen chocolate covered bananas will be a big hit (to go alongside the numerous cocktails, of course!) The guests can also all kiss a canvas and write their name next to it, as a lasting memento of the evening. Then there’s the cucumber carving and, well… we’ll leave you to figure that one out! (Let’s just say, the bride to be can decide which is the most life-like and give the gifted carver a prize!) Dare cards are also a staple of Hen’s Night games, as they help the bride to be celebrate one of her last nights out as an unmarried woman – have we mentioned scandal yet?


You can find everything you need for an outrageous Hen's Night here at Shindigs! Shop online for great prices and fast, Australia-wide shipping.