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Christmas 2017 - Decorations for Every Christmas Party!

Christmas time is nearly here (only 27 sleeps to go) and that means that it’s time to start putting up the tree and other Christmas party decorations! Nothing gets people feeling Christmas cheer more than seeing tinsel around the house, all things red & green adorning the table and all manner of other Christmas decorations covering every room of the house! Take a look through this blog for some inspiration and ideas and we promise, yule find something you like!




There’s heaps of small decorations that you can use in any room of the house – whether these be small wire Christmas trees, tinsel decorations, or even mini Christmas trees! These decorations may be small, but they provide a big dose of Christmas cheer to all of your guests! You can also hang up some Christmas banners, stockings and other decorations!




Now, we know that Christmas in Australia is usually blisteringly hot, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to recreate a snowy Christmas here! There’s heaps of snow themed decorations you can use to bring a touch of the North Pole down under (on a chilly 30 degree day!)




Sticking with Christmas colours is a foolproof way to create the Christmas spirit in any home! Red, green, gold and silver decorations are perfect to go alongside the Christmas specific decorations and they are so easy to find (you’re spoilt for choice!)




Decorating the table with Christmas tableware can be just as much fun as decorating the house! You’ve got all of your coloured plates, napkins, cutlery, tablecovers and perhaps even some confetti to scatter across the table! We’ve got heaps of wonderful Christmas themed tableware ranges that are sure to help you craft a memorable Christmas table that’ll make everyone love Christmas (event the biggest of Grinches will fall in love with it!)




And don’t forget, no Christmas table is complete without some fun bon bons for the party guests (what’s Christmas without bon bons, after all?)




Last, but certainly not least, some Christmas balloons are bound to be a big success at any Christmas celebration! You can use the green, red, gold and silver to keep with the theme and there’s also plenty of Christmas specific balloons available to assist you in creating the perfect Christmas party!




Visit us in-store, or shop online for all of your Christmas decorations! Whether it’s for a Christmas party at home, or even for a work Christmas party, we’ve got all of the Christmas supplies you need!