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Get Fancy! Dress up & Costumes

Having a fancy dress party is the perfect opportunity to throw caution to the wind and let your hair down. You and your guests can live your dreams for an evening as you dress as superheroes, sexy nurses, rockstars or hippies – you are only limited by your imagination!

The great news is you can find all you need to dress for success at Shindigs is the biggest one stop party store in NSW’s hunter region, stocking over 10,000 different items. Purchasing their costumes can work out cheaper than hiring a costume at a traditional fancy dress store, plus you get the added benefit of knowing you are the only person who has ever worn the costume!
Having a themed fancy dress party is becoming more and more common. There are some great themes that are popular at the moment – 1920’s and gangsters, Hawaiian, 1960’s and hippies, law enforcement (watch out for the girl in uniform!), and disco, western and masquerade. At Shindigs, it’s not just the costumes that they sell; it’s all the accessories as well.

Grab your Marilyn costume – a gorgeous white halter neck dress – but don’t stop there. There is the blonde wavy wig, the pearl choker and a huge range of fake eyelashes to choose from. If army is more your thing, how about a camo jacket and camo pants, FBI cap, dog tags, army mask and binoculars? And if you’ve always wanted a partner in uniform – how about buying them the admiral’s outfit and complete it with white ship’s captain hat.  If you are not the type of person to go all out but you need something to wear, then Shindigs can help!  They have a great range of costume sets that usually include a few accessories to create the 'look' and all you have to do is wear your own comfortable clothing - so easy!

If two of you are going to a party, there are some great couples’ outfits and accessories – doctor and nurse, cowboy and cowgirl, roman god and goddess, hippie man and hippie lady, rockstar and rock chick, pilot and airhostess and superheroes.  If it’s a celebratory time of year, Shindigs has some great costumes for Halloween or Christmas.

So, if you want an excuse to frock up, have a fancy dress party for your next shindig.  It’s a great opportunity to see a different side to your friends and family and a fantastic opportunity for a laugh. Don’t trail around looking for all the different parts of your outfit.  Whatever the party, whatever the theme, get it all at one place