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Top 20 Halloween Couples Costumes for 2017!

Part 1

Grab your Ghoul-friend or Boo-friend and decide what Halloween couple you will be for 2017. Whether you’re dressing up for a Halloween party or just going on a neighbourhood trick or treat, Shindigs have got you sorted with our top 20 Halloween couples costumes this year.

  1. Joker and Harley – Probably the most talked about Villain Couple of the year.  We have full Joker and Harley Quinn costumes plus a few accessories to really set the costume off – Hair Chalk to add in the Blue and Pink dipped pigtails, White Face Paint and Joker Masks, Green Slicked back wigs. The options are endless whether you’re going for more of the traditional comic book style or the more recent Suicide Squad style.
  2. Evil thing 1 and thing 2 – A twisted turn on a childhood favourite. In the book, Thing 1 and Thing 2 cause havoc for Cat in the Hat, bring this to life this Halloween with the full onesie and an Evil Grin tattoo. Girls, mix it up a bit and change the costume to a Red Tutu and a Long Blue wig for a more modern costume.

  3. Cruella Deville and Dalmatian. -  Already one of the most evil characters in the fairy-tale world. Go as the classic Cruella with your accompanied Dalmatian or take an evil turn and have Cruella as the victim for once. Add some blood and big teeth to your Dalmatian and Cruella won’t be the only one running away on Halloween.

  4. Red riding hood and the wolf – “Oh my, what big teeth you have” In the classic fairy tale Red Riding Hood is saved from the Wolf but not this Halloween. Cover Red in blood and some mauled fake temporary tattoos and show people the real fairy tale that couldn’t be published.

  5. Alice and Mad Hatter – “We’re all mad here” take this famous quote and bring it to life with a Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland costume this Halloween. Dressed as a Gothic Alice, these two make quite the evil pair. Pop in some eye contacts for the added scare tactic – Buy your cosmetic eye contacts online from us!

  6. Mr and Mrs Day of the Dead“Till Life do us part” is what you will be telling each other in these Day of the Dead Costumes. Match it with either one of our amazing full face Sugar Skull Masks or get creative with the Day of the Dead makeup kits. Shindigs have DOD dresses and Suits that are perfect for a more elegant look or try out the DOD Vests, Long Capes, Jewellery and T shirts for a more casual party look.

  7. Devil and Angel – A classic Good vs Evil Halloween costume. Devil Horns and tails, Pitch Forks, Red Eye Contacts and Face paint, Shindigs has all your Devil costumes online. If you don’t want to put in too much effort we have full devil latex masks that slip straight on as well as realistic protruding Devil horns. Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to pair with as we also have this as a 2 in 1 Costume. 

  8. Mimes Probably not the scariest of our Halloween costumes but you have to admit Mimes not talking and mocking you within your personal space is enough to freak anyone out. You can do exactly that for Halloween 2017.

  9. Mad Scientist and Mutant MonkeyA science experiment with the worst outcome ever. Mutant Monkey’s out of their cage lead by their Mad Scientist will have people running in fear!

  10. Frankie and Frankenstein - Another old classic film brought back to life in Modern Costumes. Check out our Frankenstein Mask and pin-up style Frankie Wig, match this with a faux real tuxedo shirt and a Gothic Brides dress and you’ll be walking down that isle on October 31st.


Buy all your Adult and Children Halloween Costumes online and in Australia from and stay tuned for Top 20 Halloween Couples Costumes Part 2!