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Top 20 Halloween Couples Costumes for 2017!

Part 2

We promised another 10 awesome Halloween couples costumes for any duo and we have delivered! Feast your eyes on next 10 couple’s costumes sure to be a big hit at any Halloween celebration!

1. Doctor and NurseThe doctor is in – run for your lives! Try out a zombified doctor and nurse costume, which is sure to have the party guests so scared, they may actually need to visit the doctor (of the non-zombie variety…) Check out all of our doctor / nurse costumes and accessories here!


2. Freddy and JasonCelebrate Halloween in these two iconic killer costumes. We’ve got all of the accessories, chainsaws and machette swords you need to dress up as either Freddy or Jason this Halloween!


3. Mr and Mrs Dracula The oldest known Halloween costume has got to be Count Dracula and according to legend he had three wives but this costume is also perfect for a 'fang'-tastic duo costume! Vampire capes & costumes, fake blood, fake vampire teeth and any other spooky vampiric costume accessories will help you to create a couples costume with a bite!


4. Evil Clown and Twisted Jester Now here’s a circus you definitely don’t want to visit… A scary clown and jester couples costume is a brilliant way to set the mood for a spooky and kooky Halloween celebration! Also check out our full range of face and body paints right here!! Step right up, step right up for some scary fun!


5.Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa – They’ve escaped from the desert wasteland and are now at Halloween parties near you! You could use some steampunk costume accessories for either character (just make sure that you’re covered in dirt for that authentic Mad Max look!)

6. Princess Leia and Hans SoloEveryone’s favourite galactic couple would be the perfect dress up duo this Halloween! The classic vest and gun for Han and the wig with buns on either side for Princess Leia will make you instantly identifiable! Everyone loves a good Star Wars costume and speaking of Star Wars costumes…

7. Darth Vader and Storm TrooperWhether you have terrible aim or you find a lack of costumes disturbing, dressing up as Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper will ensure the guests remember your costumes! Shindigs has all of your Darth Vader and Storm Trooper costume accessories available online and in-store for this Halloween!     


8. Snow White and Zombie DwarfHi ho, hi ho, it’s off to scare party guests we go! Dress up as the lovely Snow White (or a zombie Snow White who may have eaten too much of the poison apple…) and one of the seven dwarves in zombie form – sure to scare all the woodland creatures away!

9. Dorothy and the Wicked Witch – With some Green Face paint and a witch nose you’ll create the wicked witch to terrorise Dorothy and her little dog too! We do have a Kids Dorothy Costume so maybe you could pair up as a Mother and Daughter costume duo. 


10. Gangster and FlapperPaint the town red… with blood! You and your partner in crime can travel back to the 1920’s in gangster and flapper gear, sure to help you have a roaring time at any Halloween party!

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