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New Halloween Make-Up Accessories!

We’ve recently received a whole bunch of Halloween make-up transfers and costume FX accessories that will help any Halloween party guest terrify other guests! Halloween will be here before we know it and people will be creating some truly impressive costumes for the occasion! If you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry – Shindigs has your back! Whether it’s some scarily realistic make-up transfers, assorted costume teeth or some freaky tattoos, with a little help from us, your costume will haunt people’s nightmares!


The amazing make-up transfers are so easy to apply and they look incredible! All you need is water – no other glue or adhesive needed! They all have application and removal instructions included, too – you’ll be a professional FX make-up artist in no time! There are also QR codes on the packages with application instructions to aid you in creating your terrifying costume masterpiece! For the transfers with props included (e.g. horns or glass shards) some handy Stickum Blood adhesive is included. (Don’t forget to get some fake blood from our range to complete the look!)


Our new animal, zombie or vampire teeth will also help you scare your Halloween party guests silly! All of the teeth come with setting beads to help you create a custom fit in 10 minutes – too easy!


As if that weren’t enough, we’ve also got some realistic gory temporary tattoos to complement your Halloween costume! Whether you want to look like you’ve been mauled, carved, shot & stabbed, possessed or suffered through various other attacks, we’ve got some scary tattoos to create the look – it’s gonna be a terrifying Halloween this year!


Be sure to check out our new range of Halloween make-up accessories, as well as our fake blood (to complete the look) and other make-up effects & accessories – Shindigs will help you create a truly memorable Halloween costume this year!