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80s Parties Just Wanna Have Fun!

If you're feeling like a virgin to the concept of planning an 80s themed party and you were giving up on holding out for a hero to help you out, don't dream it's over, because we're never gonna give you up. We'll be the wind beneath your wings, so don't you forget about us as we help you out (sweet dreams are made of this blog!) But seriously, this post is here to provide ideas and tips that'll help to ensure that your 80s party goes off without a hitch and each and every guest has a great time. Decorations, games, costumes, food & drink - we've got your back. 


To get things kicked off, you need some decorations and balloons. Obvious colour choices for an 80s party would be fluoro - and lots of it! Some glow sticks and bright coloured decorations are also a must. Luckily, there are also lots of 80s specific party decorations that'll serve you well. Whether they be hanging decorations (such as lanterns), some table centrepiece decorations or some bright crepe paper streamers, they're sure to look totally rad! Once you've got all your decorations sorted, you can simply choose balloons in similar colours to decorate your party area. 


80s parties are also good for party games, as there are so many to choose from. You could have some 80s karaoke, dance competitions, costume competitions and some knowledge of the 80s quizzes. Some wicked arcade games would also be a huge hit!


Now's the part that we're sure you've been waiting for - the costumes! Neon tights, leg warmers, big hair, punk aesthetic. Bring back any memories for you? Well, now's your excuse to relive those memories! 80s costumes are some of the most fun to plan and wear. With so many options (e.g. 80s pop stars, movie, TV & arcade game characters etc.) you can let your creativity flow and create a costume that will truly impress the guests at the party!  


The food and drinks served at the party are another opportunity to let your creativity loose. You can decorate cakes and other baked goods to look like 80s arcade games, make some gloriously neon coloured treats or simply serve foods that remind you of the decade. (Cake decorating supplies available on our online store.)


And just in case you were looking for a delicious cocktail that couldn't be more 80s if it tried, try this delicious Nerds cocktail, made by mixing Nerds with vodka. Yum!


You can find heaps more for your 80s theme party online at Shindigs.
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