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Despicable Ideas for a Minion Party!

"Banana!" (That means "Let's party!" in Minion speak!) These adorable little yellow creatures first appeared in the Despicable Me films and now have their own movie, detailing their adventures serving supervillains over the course of history. They are especially popular amongst the younger crowd (both in age and at heart) and have, therefore, become a very popular party theme. This blog is here to provide a little Minionspiration for your party planning. Decorations, party games, food and drinks - it's all here! 


Invitations are a must and you can use either pre-made invites or get creative and make your own. Either way, guests are sure to be excited once they learn that it's a Minion party! 

Thankfully, there's no shortage of decorations that can be used for a Minion or Despicable Me party. Whether they be specific to the theme, or just in matching colours, balloons, hanging decorations and banners would look an absolute treat. (Don't forget the lolly bananas that double as a party treat!) Some creativity could also allow you to create your own decorations, such as decorating a yellow lantern to resemble a minion. Too easy!


The photo at the beginning of this blog shows Minion Bowling providing party guests with some entertainment, but that's certainly not the only party game to keep them occupied! What about Pin the goggles on the Minion? A party classic with a despicable twist that everyone is sure to love!


Lolly bananas double as a decoration and a treat at a Minion party and lots of different foods can be served alongside them. With some helpful cake making and decorating supplies and a deft touch, you can make some Minion cupcakes or biscuits, or even serve some fairy floss unicorn fur (SO FLUFFY!) Blue and yellow coloured lollies also suit the theme really well. 


These can be served alongside some Minion lemonade or orange juice and cups for the full effect!


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