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Great Ideas for a Peppa Pig Party!

Peppa Pig is a hugely popular TV series for little kids - here at Shindigs, we've had loads of customers looking to throw a Peppa Pig party for their little ones. It can be daunting trying to figure out where to start the party planning process, but with our wealth of knowledge and supplies, throwing a Peppa Pig party can be as fun as muddy puddles! (Speaking of which, some "Muddy Puddle" treats may be making an appearance later on in this blog post...) We'll help with every aspect of the party, offering you both the products and the ideas that'll help your Peppa Pig party go off without a hitch!


Tableware and decorations for this theme is a walk in the park! It's simply a choice of using Peppa Pig specific tableware, tableware in a colour scheme reminiscent of the show or a mixture of the two. The colours would be a mixture of pinks, greens, blues, yellow and white primarily, but you can add whichever colours you like really. The colours listed could be used for tablecovers, plates, cups and cutlery, as well as your balloons and decorations. (Some lovely polka dot balloons would also look an absolute treat at a Peppa Pig party!) Coloured tableware, decorations and balloons available on our webstore. 


Considering it's a kid's party, some fun party games and party favours certainly wouldn't go astray. Some Peppa Pig masks (or pig noses made out of painted egg cartons) would definitely be loved by the kid's. For even more fun, you could create a game in the vein of Pin the Tail on the Donkey (think Pin the Snout on Peppa.) Too much fun! 


Now for those Muddy Puddle treats we were talking about earlier - how good do these look?

I guarantee that every guest will love these wonderfully decorated chocolate puddings! (That includes the young and the young at heart...)

For the other treats, you could use the same colour scheme as the decorations. Whether they be pre-made treats (coloured lollies available on our online store) or cakes and cupcakes that you create yourself, this colour scheme will save you prep time and make the creative process much easier and more fun!


For drinks, serving strawberry milk in small glass bottles with some colourful straws would be perfect. You could even serve some "Muddy Water" (don't worry it's just apple juice!)

So cute!

Using this handy blog post as a starting point, you'll have no problem throwing a Peppa Pig party that everyone will love! 

There's heaps of Peppa Pig Party supplies online at Shindigs.
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Shindigs Party Pinterest page.