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State of Origin Celebration Inspiration!

State of Origin is always a good time to break out the blue or maroon face paint and support your team! It's also a good time to invite friends over to do the same, while sharing some delicious footy themed treats. From decorations, to drinks and snacks - this little blog offers up enough inspiration for you to throw a glorious State of Origin shindig! 


Obviously, the colour of your balloons and decorations will depend on which team you're supporting. Any type of decoration would look excellent - some tissue paper pom poms, streamers, swirl decorations or some homemade cutouts. 


Thankfully, the same applies for the party food. Whether it be some chips, sandwiches or some artistically decorated cakes and cupcakes, we're sure your guests will enjoy chowing down on them while watching the game and throwing back a few beers. There's also blue lollies for NSW supporters, and some cake icings that can be turned into a shade of marron with some careful colouring for the QLD supporters. Too easy!


For some extra fun, some blue and maroon curly wigs could be given out to guests, so they can show who they really support (and battle it out for supremacy!) (Links in pictures.)


You can find heaps of supplies in our State of Origin range online at Shindigs.
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Shindigs Party Pinterest page.