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Unicorn Party Ideas (Tableware, Decorations, Cakes and More!)

Magical, mystical and wonderful – just a few adjectives to describe a unicorn themed party! This party theme has soared in popularity in recent months, with heaps of customers throwing magical unicorn themed parties for their children! Getting some pastel whitepink, blue and purple party supplies, mixing them with some rainbow and cloud decorations (as well as some unicorn specific decorations) is all you need for a party that no unicorn fan will ever forget!  




We recently received an adorable range of unicorn party supplies here at Shindigs, and it has been flying off the shelf! Plates, cups, cupcake decorating kits among other gorgeous supplies to make your unicorn festivities truly majestic!




Combining these unicorn accessories with some rainbow themed decorations and some cloud decorations would work an absolute treat! For the clouds, you can even use pre-made white hanging decorations (e.g. puff balls or lanterns) to make every party guest feel like they’re in a magical land of unicorn wonder!




Every guest can also enjoy a game of pin the horn on the unicorn – too much fun!




There’s no shortage of balloons that can be used for a unicorn celebration either! Confetti filled balloons are gorgeous and work perfectly, as well as pastel coloured balloons (particularly pink, blue and purple mixed with white) to decorate the party area! There’s even some unicorn foil balloons that can be used in table decorations – it’s almost all too magical!




Now for everyone’s favourite part – lollies! Staying with the colour theme (white + pastel pink, blue and purple, as well as other single colour confectionery items) will work well (rainbow sour straps are a must) and, if you’re feeling creative, you can make some magical culinary delights that will elevate your unicorn party to the next level! Unicorn cupcakes or a big unicorn cake will be loved by every party guest, and you can use a unicorn cookie cutter to create unicorn shaped delights of any description (rainbow sprinkle covered unicorn biscuits, anyone?) 




Here at Shindigs, we’ve got everything you need for a magical unicorn party, so be sure to check out our range either online or in-store for some inspiration and ideas!