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Argh Me Hearties!!! DIY Pirate Party Ideas

Swashbuckling pirates are loved by kids of all ages - all the way from 6 to 60!  So what better way to unleash your swashbuckling ways than to host a pirate party!  This allows your guests to dress up as much or as little as they like & makes for very easy & fun decorating.  There are so many fantastic decorating ideas for pirate parties, so we have compiled some of the best we can find to get you inspired!

1.  Calling all Pirates!

One of the best ways to set the scene is to encourage your guests to dress up.  You can even keep a small stash of pirate moustaches, hooks, temporary tattoos or eye patches for anyone who arrives looking like a landlubber.  A photo booth is a great way to create some fantastic memories, which can also double up as thank you cards.  Set up a DIY pirate ship with lots of fun accessories like pirate flags, swords, 'pieces of eight', a pirate map or two and a telescope (for spying the treasure me hearties).  Kate from Kate's creative space has created a fantastic pirate ship from cardboard boxes, complete with step by step instructions.  Alternatively you could set up a photo booth area with some pirate-y cutouts, fishing net, an inflatable palm tree or two and a pirate treasure chest.

Scene Cutout Pirate Ship Jointed 31in Pk1        Photo Prop Pirate 94x64cm Pk1

2.  Swab the decks me hearties!

Ok, so swabbing the decks possibly isn't the best game to play at a kids pirate party, however there are plenty of other great pirate party game ideas.  A pirate version of the traditional pin the tail on the donkey is a great 'quieter' game for the kids, while a pirate themed pinata is a great way for the pirates to practice their swashbuckling skills.  Create a treasure map of your backyard or room using scroll paper for a fun-filled treasure hunt game.  Fill a large tub or barrel with sand, novelty jewels and treasure and supply shovels for your pirates guests to dig up some pirate booty for their loot bags.  Use hooks attached to a board for a fun ring toss game.  Possibly the best pirate game I have come across is the walk the plank game - a plank of wood set up over a small kids pool of water where the kids walk across the plank as fast as the can without falling in - fantastic!
I've seen this before and would never do this...why would I want more dirt tracked everywhere to clean up?! :)   My House and Home - Home - Pirate hook game {other pirate party ideas too}  
3.  Argh - Whats yer pirate name?

'Pick yer pirate name' is a great activity to do right at the beginning of the party.  Create 3 separate lists for the first, middle and last name.  Two of the lists will consist of a noun, adjective or other pirate-y type words.  The last list will be of a range of pirate sounding names (movies are a great inspiration for these) may like to separate these into boy and girl names to suit the ratio of guests you have.  Cut all of the names up and place them into separate containers.  As your guests arrive, have them pick a name from each of the containers and then write up their names on a tag for them to wear for the duration of the party. 

4.  Feed me mateys!

Have fun with the party food by choosing snacks that can be themed - use sword picks and little tags to describe or name the food.  Fill a glass jar full of malteser 'cannon balls', make fruit kebab sticks (also known as 'pirate jewels'), chocolate coins or gold dubloons are a must, Rolo pieces make great 'pirate booty', 'Polly's crackers' (with dip), lolly fish or sharks in blue jelly cups bcome 'shark infested waters'.  Pirate themed lollipops and pirate chocolates are sure to be very popular...and who could go past a pirate ship birthday cake?  But the best party food idea we found was 'Putrid Polly Parrot Guts' - a plate of loose jelly pieces, gummy worms and gummy insects or fish - gross!

Shindigs also sell a great range of pirate party tableware, decorations, balloons and costumes as well as some great confectionery perfect for pirate parties.
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