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Oktoberfest 2016 Celebration Ideas!

Oktoberfest is just around the corner, which means that everyone will soon be preparing for the festivities! Getting the decorations, balloons, tableware, food and (of course) the beer ready in advance is a good idea to ensure that you’re not stressed once the party rolls around! So, follow this handy little blog guide to help you plan an Oktoberfest that will have your guests saying “Danke schön!” well after the celebrations end! (Sehr gut, meine Freunde!)


Balloons and decorations are a must – whether they’re blue & white (for Bavaria) or black, red & gold (for Deutschland), they can be coordinated with Oktoberfest specific decorations, flag cutouts, crepe paper streamers and so much more!


The tableware can follow suit as well – colour coordinate your decorations with the tableware, cups, tablecovers and napkins for an easily, but impressively decorated Oktoberfest affair!


Some fun Oktoberfest costumes will also go down a treat amongst the party guests. We’ve got full costumes for both men and women, as well as wigs, hats and heaps of other fancy dress accessories that are just perfect for any Oktoberfest celebration!


As for the treats served alongside the copious amounts of beer, you can serve some pretzels, lollies (single coloured lollies to suit an Oktoberfest theme available on our site) or some creatively designed Oktoberfest cupcakes and cakes! All you need is some icing or fondant to decorate the cake and turn it into something spectacular!

Check out our range of Oktoberfest supplies to find inspiration and ideas! It’s sure to make the occasion a groß success!