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Use the force... to create an awesome Star Wars party!

If you're looking for all the supplies necessary to throw an out of this world (a galaxy far, far away, even) Star Wars themed party, then you've come to the right place! The enduring popularity of the Star Wars franchise has made it quite a popular party theme, with Princess Leia headbuns and lightsabers being among the most popular costume accessories. This handy little blog post is here to show you some nifty ideas for throwing a Star Wars party - from the tableware, to the decorations and to the drinks and party treats. We'll offer inspiration so that your party pleases every guest and some ideas to ensure that they're also impressed (the creativity is strong in this one!)


Tableware and decorations is the best place to start (the "A New Hope" in the party planning process, if you will.) You can either use Star Wars specific tableware (Star Wars Rebels range available on our online store), or choose a colour scheme that suits the Star Wars universe. For example, black and white plates, green, red and blue napkins (you can wrap the cutlery in these napkins to create fun cutlery lightsabers!) and blue and white cups to represent a certain droid... This little picture below should give you an idea of what we're getting at.

So cool!

The decorations and balloons can be planned in a similar way (Star Wars specific, or some cleverly combined colour decorations to create your own little galaxy!) If you're feeling particularly creative, you can even turn some paper hanging lanterns into Death Stars to hang from the ceiling! Just add some grey paint (and a structural weak point that you'd only have a one in a million chance of hitting) and some extra details and you'll have some truly impressive DIY decorations. 


Now for the best part of any party - the food! Feeling creative? How about some delicious gingerbread biscuits decorated to look like Wookie cookies? Or some pretzel stick lightsabers (made by dipping pretzel sticks into coloured chocolate)? There's even marshmallow stormtroopers (decorated with food colouring) that you can decorate cupcakes with. The list goes on and on!


You can serve these amazing culinary creations with some Yoda Soda (fizzy lime drink with some vanilla ice cream), or some Sith Lord Sangria (only for Jedi masters, not the younglings!) 


Creating an awesome Star Wars theme party can be heaps of fun, so long as you've got us here at Shindigs (and the force) on your side!

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