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It's a Great Gatsby Party, Old Sport!

In my younger and more vulnerable years... I liked to party! Okay, maybe that's not how that quote goes, but one thing I do know for sure is that there ain't no party like a Great Gatsby party! Those huge parties that Jay Gatsby threw in his amazing mansion were the epitome of class and, with some careful decorating and planning, anyone could throw a party just as impressive and dazzling! (Just make sure nobody ends up face down in the pool at the end...)


First off, we need some elegant (and perhaps a little extravagant...) decorations. For a Great Gatsby party, who could go past a black, gold and silver colour scheme? This colour scheme is perfect for balloons and other decorations (hanging swirls, tissue paper pom poms, lanterns etc.) for the party - it's effortlessly elegant and it instantly transports everyone to New York in 1922! Some foil chandeliers and foil curtain backdrops in these colours would also work a treat! (Our Hollywood themed party decorations might do the trick, too!)



This gold, silver and black colour scheme works a treat in regards to tableware as well, whether it be tablecovers, plates, napkins, cups, cutlery or centrepieces! We have all the tableware you need in our coloured tableware range.

What better to put with your elegant decorations and dazzling tableware than some fancy party treats! You can make any party treats suit a Great Gatsby party - cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, finger sandwiches, other savoury party foods - all they need is a bit of razzle dazzle! And it's easy to achieve, simply by the way you serve them! Decorate little cookies to look like tuxedos, serve food on elegant 3-tier cake stands, decorate cake pops with gold glitter sprinkles - and the list goes on! Have a look at our cake making and decorating supplies and catering supplies for inspiration in regards to making and serving your party treats. 


Those cake pops would be so easy to make - all you need is some cake pop making tools, cake pop ingredients, white candy melts and gold glitter cake sprinkles! So yummy and so elegant!

Now for the fun part - getting dressed up! Obviously, suits and dresses are the way to go. Making the dress code 20's style suits or flapper dresses is sure to make the party loads of fun for everyone! After all, who doesn't want to eat fancy food and drink fancy cocktails while dressed up to the nines? There's loads of costume accessories that would suit a Great Gatsby party on our site - dresses, hats, headbands, necklaces, feather boas - just to name a few!


And lastly, to complete the party, some cocktails for your party guests. If you're looking for the quintessential 1920s party drink, you really can't go past the mint julep. Or, if you're looking for something classy with a twist, why not some champagne jello shots? Both are sure to be a big hit!



All of these ideas would also work wonderfully for a 1920s party, if you're not specifically looking to have a Great Gatsby party.

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