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Top 10 Greatest Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Grass skirts, loud shirts, torch lights and tropcial delights - if this sounds like heaven then why not celebrate your next special occasion island style?!  Hawaiian or Luau parties are great fun for all ages.

1. First off, you need some guests to party with - and how could they say no to some fun Hawaiian style invitations? Use pre-made invitations pads or cards, or use patterned papers and get creative with your invitations! Either way, your invitees will be impressed - especially if you fill the invites with some Luau themed confetti.


2. Every party needs decorations and balloons and, luckily, there are heaps of awesome Hawaiian themed party decorations and balloons! Whether it's hanging decorations, table decorations or DIY decorations (like a cool and easy-to-make sand centrepiece), they can be coordinated with balloons (go for Luau colours, like orange, blue, green and yellow) for your complete decorating needs.


3. Add some tropical style to your party table with brightly coloured plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and tablecovers. Remember - there's no such thing as too many colours at a Luau party!


4. What Luau party would be complete without hula skirts and floral leis? Hawaiian costume accessories are the perfect way of getting every guest in the party mood - they'll all be doing the hula before you can say Aloha! Our Hawaiian costume and accessory range here at Shindigs has got you covered!


5. To give every guest the chance to be creative, why not have a face painting stand and let everyone pick their own Hawaiian themed designs? Bright coloured face paints and glitters are perfect for this, as well as stencil sheets - for easy pattern painting - and face painting design books (perfect for face painting beginners!) There are also complete face paint tool kits for your convenience!


6. If the face painting isn't enough to keep your guests occupied, some fun Hawaiian party games will surely do the trick! There's tiki bean toss games and loads of Hawaiian themed pinatas - sure to be a big hit! If you're looking for some sweet treats and favours to fill the pinatas or to give to the game winners, our next two steps in preparing your Luau should help...


7. Lollies! Sweets! Party Treats! The best part of any party! For Hawaiian parties, go for fruity flavoured and brightly coloured treats. They can be used to fill pinatas, or simply placed on the party table for guests to enjoy throughout the party. Be careful, though - they won't last long! You can also be creative with blue jelly filled with lollies to make it look like the ocean - kids can have fun fishing the lollies out!


8. These party treats can also be used along with party favours to fill loot bags (as well as pinatas) for the party guests - a little thank you to all of them that they will definitely appreciate! Here at Shindigs, we have heaps of coloured paper and cello loot bags, as well as Hawaiian party theme specific loot bags. Party favours are also available in our range. 


9. The cake/cakes - the must have item at any party! Whether it's one big cake that the guests can dig into, or lots of smaller cakes, you can truly impress your guests with some Hawaiian theme decorated cakes. Try making Luau cake pops (e.g. pineapple shaped), a brightly coloured tiered cake / cupcakes or even cookies for your party guests. We have loads of cake making and decorating supplies (such as cake pop making supplies, brightly coloured cupcake cases, pre-made buttercream icing and fondants to make decorations with) to allow you to release your creativity. 



10. Warning: alcoholic beverages ahead! These drinks are definitely adults only. It's easy to concoct some Hawaiian themed cocktails and decorate them accordingly (colourful parasols and Luau swizzle sticks are a must!) There's punches as well - refreshing and delicious! Below are some drinks with links to recipes.
(First drink pictured is a strawberrry and pineapple punch, second drink pictured is called the "Lava Flow", with rum, malibu coconut rum, strawberries, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Link on photo has recipe and pouring effect instructions.)


There's heaps of Hawaiian and Luau party decorations and supplies when you visit Shindigs.
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Hawaiian/Luau Party board on Pinterest.