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Building Blocks for a Lego Party

With The Lego Movie recently released in cinemas, there has been a big resurgence in the popularity of the classic blocks and Lego parties have been getting more and more popular! Interest in how to throw the best possible Lego themed party has been a big thinking point here at Shindigs, and we think we've found the solution! Throwing a Lego party doesn't have to be as painful as... well, standing on a lego block... With this handy list, we'll make the preparation as fun as the party itself!

First things first - friends need to be invited! You can find heaps of invitation templates online (example provided below) or you can create your own template and send some Lego blocks or confetti along with it to really impress your friends!


After that, you'll need to prepare some decorations - this is where your creativity comes in handy! There's balloons, hanging decorations, table decorations and, of course, Lego blocks themselves can be used as decorations. Simply place a cutout with party guest's names on them in individual blocks for cool place cards!


Every party area looks better with balloons! For a Lego party, go for red, blue and yellow latex balloons, as well as Lego themed balloons, like this fun Lego firetruck supershape foil



Looking for a convenient way of decorating the table? Our handy Lego table decorating kit has centrepieces and confetti that are sure to make the table look awesome! For a little something extra, why not add a glass jar filled with lego blocks? It doubles as a unique decoration and a fun party game - whichever guest guesses closest to the actual number of blocks inside wins! Coordinate decorations with red, blue and yellow crepe paper streamers to complete the look.


Speaking of fun party games, put a twist on the classic and play pin the head on the Lego man - easy to make yourself and sure to be loved by kids, both young and old!

Or, for more convenience, there is a pre-made game (played in the same vein) available in our range.

Now for the party table and party treats! Staying with the blue, red and yellow colour scheme is a pretty safe bet for a Lego party, but you can also get some awesome Lego themed plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers and party hats for guests!



Who doesn't love a big party cake? It's easy to make an impressive Lego themed cake and cupcakes using the cake decorating supplies in our range, or even delicious and adorable Lego block biscuits and brownies! (Click on the in the picture to see the link.)
For Lego block biscuits, cupcakes and brownies, simply use pre-made blue, red or yellow (green also works a treat for these) buttercream icing to ice the treats and then top with same coloured chocolate drops - too easy!


They all look so yummy! And now, for the showstopper...

Impressive and delicious!

At the end of the party, it's easy to show guests that their attendance was appreciated by filling some lootbags with some of these treats and some party favours (Lego blocks are an obvious choice!) You can use plain coloured loot bags, Lego themed loot bags or you can make your own little loot bags or boxes - these jars below have been painted to look like Lego heads and have been filled with blocks to give out to party guests. So adorable! (Pinterest link in picture.)


There's heaps of Lego party decorations and supplies when you visit Shindigs .
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Lego Party board on Pinterest.