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Mickey & Minnie Party Ideas!

Whether you're more of a Mickey or a Minnie fan, the Disney power couple make for a really fun party theme! And with the plethora of party supplies in the theme that's out there, there's no shortage on inspiration for planning just such a party. The tableware, decorations, balloons, costumes, food and drinks will be covered in this blog and we'll provide tips that can be used for both a Mickey & Minnie party or party dedicated solely to one of the two. With a little help from this blog and some creativity, your party will impress all of your guests - both the young and the young at heart!


The tableware, decorations and balloons can all be planned in the same way (this party planning business is a cake walk!) You can pick colours that represent the theme (blues & reds for Mickey, pinks & white for Minnie, with some black thrown in for both), use Mickey and/or Minnie specific decorations or a mix of the two. For example, using Mickey/Minnie specific plates, cups & napkins, with plain coloured cutlery and decorations. (Mickey & Minnie hanging decorations also available on our site.)


Some fun costume accessories will definitely be appreciated by the guests! Some Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears can be given out to young guests (even for adults, too!) It's a fun and easy way to get everyone into the party spirit and a good party favour for guests to take home with them. (Mickey & Minnie Mouse ears available on our site.)


Now for the part that everyone looks forward to the most - the food! If you're feeling creative, you can make cupcakes, sandwiches and any manner of treats in the shape of Mickey and Minnie heads. Using the colour scheme is helpful, too - simply buy pre-made lollies that follow the scheme to serve alongside the themed decorations and tableware and hey presto! Party's ready!


Check out the photo below - a decorate your own Mickey/Minnie cookie table! Too much fun! Just simply bake the biscuits and provide guests with melted chocolate and sprinkles to decorate them. (Pinterest link in picture.)


As for drinks, you can't really go past chocolate milk/milkshakes (or hot chocolates) with chocolate biscuit ears (and a pink fondant bow for a Minnie specific drink.) Very fun and very delicious!


Planning a Mickey/Minnie party can be loads of fun and every guest is sure to have a good time at one! Just follow this handy guide, let your creativity flow and hot-diggity-dog! You've got an awesome party on your hands!

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