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How to party like a Cowboy! Great ideas from Pinterest

Whoa Nellie, do y'all have a little rodeo riding cowboy or cowgirl in the family?  Then no doubt they will be wanting a cowboy or Wild West party soon enough.  So leave your six-shooter with the bartender and read on because we have found some of the best cowboy party ideas on Pinterest that sure puts the pig meat in the fire (which means 'that starts a party')!

To make it easy, we have created a Cowboy Western Party board on Pinterest where all the best ideas we've found are herded together, but here are some of the best:

Get yer Cowboy name

These 'Wanted' Posters are a great idea for a party decoration to start with and then to give to your guests to take home. But to do these you will need to know their Cowboy names.  Create a list for of  cowboy type descriptions or nouns like 'bootscootin', 'The Kid' or 'The Pain'.  Old Western movies can be a great source of inspiration, or try looking it up on Google.  Cut the nicknames up and place them into a bowl or dish.  As your guests arrive, have them pick a name from the container and then write up their new cowboy name on a tag (or a sheriff badge!) for them to wear for the duration of the party. If you decide to use these wanted posters for your guests, you could have a copy of everyones' names and the possible nicknames printed, cut up and ready to go and simply glue them on once the names have been decided.

Entertain the Cowboys and Cowgirls

Games and activities are important to keep the younguns entertained throughout the party:

-Apple Bobbing
This is a fun and easy to organise game, all you need is a tin barrell (to keep with the theme) , some water and some apples!

-Gold Rush Fever 
Using disposable pie tins with holes in the bottom, gold (spray painted) rocks, a large flat container of water, rocks and dirt (the kids' seashell pools would be ideal) to create a panning for gold game for City-Slickers and Greenhorns alike.  They will be so excited to find 'real' gold!

-Wanted: Photos and Memories

Photos are a great way to preserve memories.  Why not provide some cowboy hats and bandanas for them to put on as they arrive and have a photo booth station.  Here are some great setups that we found on Pinterest.  The inflatable cactus would make for a great photo prop!

Decoratin' the Barn

A very important part of any great party are the decorations.  Balloons are always a sure fire hit but I have to say that I love the old cowboy boots as the long as the boots didnt didn't kick a cow patty on a hot day (of course!).  Rustic wood tablecovers are a must, as are cowboy and cowgirl napkins...and maybe a saloon sign or two.


At The Waterin' Hole:  Feeding hungry horses (and cowboys too!)

Food.  Need I say more?  Well yes actually as there are some great ideas for theming the food including using a 'trough' for the 'Watering Hole'.  Rice snacks can be transformed into hay bales,  Mountain dew (or green cordial) becomes Cactus Juice, the cactus cupcakes are fantastic (even if I do say so myself (I can as I made them!)) and the sheriff star shaped cookies are too cute.  Just remember that an onion can make people cry; but, there‚Äôs never been a vegetable that can make people laugh.


So when it comes to planning your next cowboy hoedown, don't worry about bitin' off more'n you can chew; your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger'n you think.  Just make sure to visit our Pinterest page and also for some great cowboy party decorations and ideas.

Now, I gotta go see a man about a horse...

(For more information on any of the ideas seen here, please click on the images or head to our Pinterest page.)