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4th of July - all things American!


In no time at all, the 4th of July will be upon us and people will be celebrating in a big way! Good food, good friends, patriotism - what's not to like? In this handy little blog, we'll give you some ideas and tips to help your 4th of July celebration go off without a hitch. From the tableware and decorations, to the food, to the drinks - we've got you covered. Trust us - your party's gonna rock harder than Mount Rushmore!

For tableware, napkins, balloons and decorations, there are some obvious designs and colours to go for - redwhite and blue all the way! Mix and match the three colours with American flag decorated items. Sure to make the table and party area look as patriotic as possible! 

You can use a diverse array of decorations to make your party look good. Some balloonstissue paper pom pomspaper fanscrepe paper streamers - the list goes on! By limiting yourself to these three colours, you're not bamboozled by options and the 4th of July party planning process becomes as fun as the party itself - too easy!

For the food, you can simply pop some American flag toothpicks into some classic party foods (e.g. sandwiches and meatballs), or you can use the red, white and blue colour scheme which means that making the party treats can be easy and result in some pretty impressive food. After all, there's lolliescake icing and fondant already made in these colours. All you need to do is know how to use them!

Don’t forget some costume items to get everyone involved in the fun – some stars & stripes top hats would be perfect, as would some red, white and blue face paint!

You can find heaps of supplies in our 4th of July range online at Shindigs, or you can visit us in-store to talk to our friendly staff about all of your 4th of July party needs!