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4th of July - all things American!
By Shindigs on 30 May 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

In no time at all, the 4th of July will be upon us and people will be celebrating in a big way! Good food, good friends, patriotism - what's not to like? In this handy little blog, we'll give you some ideas and tips to help your 4th of July celebration go off without a hitch. From the tableware and decorations, to the food, to the drinks - we've got you covered. Trust us - your party's gonna rock harder than Mount Rushmore! For tableware , ... continue reading
State of Origin 2019!
By Shindigs on 9 May 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

UP THE BLUES! State of Origin is coming up soon and it’s time to get your blue and maroon supplies ready for the first game! Show your support for NSW or QLD as the two battle it out to find out who will take the win this year! We’ve got blue and ... continue reading
Eco Friendly Party Supplies & Ideas!
By Shindigs on 26 April 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

As a nation, we are starting to become more environmentally aware and everyone is making small changes to the things they buy and minimising their impact. Unfortunately, for a long time a lot of party items have been disposable, single use and covered in plastic; this is not ideal for the environment, but throwing a party doesn't mean having to destroy the environment. We have and will continue to expand our biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainable party supplies for the shoppers going green. Shindigs has everything from paper straws and ... continue reading
Planning the perfect Easter Egg Hunt
By on 3 April 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

Easter Egg Hunt: What to do and Where to start!!! Easter has got to be everyone’s second favourite holiday (behind Christmas of course) especially for kids because of all the chocolate (and then some more chocolate). Who remembers having a chocolate egg hunt on Sunday morning, l know it’s definitely my favourite memory from Easter. This handy blog will give you the ideas you need to create the perfect Easter Egg hunt for your kids. As a kid I remember waking up to find a glimmer of multi colour... continue reading
St Patricks Day in Newcastle - Where to go and what to wear!
By Shindigs on 27 February 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

Sunday 17 th March 2019 is St Patricks Day and who doesn’t love an excuse to party and have a drink or two… just make sure you’re all good for work the next day if you have more than a few (whoops!). But what to wear?? You can’t go on a St Patricks Day pub crawl without wearing everything green (or at least one thing anyway). So your very first stop obviously has to be ... continue reading
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Party Supplies!
By Shindigs on 21 February 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to get all of your supplies ready for the event! Being prepared for all of the shenanigans and malarkey will ensure that your St. Patrick’s Day celebration goes off without a hitch! We’ve got all of the decorations you need, as well as green , ... continue reading
Shmick Cosmopolitan Party Range - New to Shindigs!
By Shindigs on 7 February 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

The must have party trend of 2019 is all things coral and mint and we have the perfect party range for you to achieve this in the classiest cheapest way - say hello to the new Shmick Cosmopolitan range. Affordable prices for a totally adorable scene! This whole range features soft colours of mint green , coral , ... continue reading
Valentine's Day 2019 - Balloons, Decorations, Chocolate Hearts and More!
By Shindigs on 24 January 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

The most romantic day of the year is nearly here again and that means it’s time to show the one you love just how much you love them! Whether you’re decorating your shopfront or restaurant for the day, or you’re just preparing to woo the love of your life, Shindigs has got lots of Valentine’s Day balloons , decorations and everyone’s favourite – the chocolate hearts and ... continue reading
Australia Day 2019 Supplies!
By Shindigs on 10 January 2019 (No comments - click here to comment)

Australia Day is nearly here and this one’s gonna be bonza! Whether you’re needing balloons , decorations , tableware... continue reading
New Year’s Eve 2018 Party Supplies!
By Shindigs on 20 December 2018 (No comments - click here to comment)

The end of 2018 is nearly here (where did the time go???) and in the midst of all the Christmas mayhem, people are also preparing for their New Year’s Eve celebrations! Dust off the top hats, top up the bubbly and get ready to farewell the year it was – if it was good, say farewell, if it wasn’t, say good riddance! All of your party guests will feel the NYE spirit with some fun costume items, fancy finger food, some countdown decorations and, of course, a bit of bubbly! Take a look through this blog for some inspiration and ideas for your NYE celebration – you’ll have no problem greeting 2019! There’s heaps of... continue reading
Balloons for Christmas 2018!
By Shindigs on 13 December 2018 (No comments - click here to comment)

Balloons are the perfect decoration for so many occasions, especially a Christmas celebration ! Some festive balloon arrangements are sure to put every party guest in the holiday spirit! These arrangements can have some Christmas themed foil balloons in them, along with Christmas latex balloons (our holly & berry print latex balloons are so cute!) or plain coloured latex balloons in classic Christmas colours – ... continue reading
Decorating your business for Supercars Newcastle 500!
By Shindigs on 1 November 2018 (No comments - click here to comment)

From 23-25 November, the V8 Supercars 500 is returning to the streets of Newcastle and the City of Newcastle has a competition open for the best decorated business for the event! Simply decorate your business with some V8 Supercars and racing themed party supplies and register your business for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Shindigs has got everything you need to decorate your business for the event, so be sure to get in quick before they go! Our V8 Supercars range has tableware, decorations and balloons that’ll have everyone revv-elling in the event! These supplies go perfectly with our ... continue reading
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