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Christmas 2017 - Decorations for Every Christmas Party!
By Shindigs on 28 November 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Christmas time is nearly here (only 27 sleeps to go) and that means that it’s time to start putting up the tree and other Christmas party decorations ! Nothing gets people feeling Christmas cheer more than seeing tinsel around the house, all things red & green adorning the table and all manner of other Christmas decorations covering every room of the house! Take a look through this blog for some inspiration and ideas and we promise, yule find something you like! ... continue reading
Top 20 Halloween Couples Costumes for 2017!
By Shindigs on 19 October 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Part 2 We promised another 10 awesome Halloween couples costumes for any duo and we have delivered! Feast your eyes on next 10 couple’s costumes sure to be a big hit at any Halloween celebration! 1. Docto r and Nurse – The doctor is in – run for your lives! Try out a zombified doctor and nurse costume, which is sure to have the party guests so scared, they may actually need to visit the doctor (of the non-zombie variety…) Check out all of our doctor / nurse costumes and accessories here! &n... continue reading
Top 20 Halloween Couples Costumes for 2017!
By Shindigs on 6 October 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Part 1 Grab your Ghoul-friend or Boo-friend and decide what Halloween couple you will be for 2017. Whether you’re dressing up for a Halloween party or just going on a neighbourhood trick or treat, Shindigs have got you sorted with our top 20 Halloween couples costumes this year. Joker and Harley – Probably the most talked about Villain Couple of the year. We have full Joker and Harley Quinn costumes plus a few accessories to really set the costume off – ... continue reading
Melbourne Cup 2017 Decorations - Yay or Neigh?
By Shindigs on 26 September 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Brush the dust off those fascinators, crack open the chardonnay and get ready to bet on a winner – it’s nearly Melbourne Cup time! The race that stops a nation will be happening on Tuesday 7 th November and you can find all of your Melbourne Cup party supplies online here at Shindigs! As for the party decorations and balloons, we’ve got Melbourne cup table centrepieces , various horse ... continue reading
Clowns for Halloween 2017!
By Shindigs on 21 September 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Shop at Shindigs for Halloween 2017 for your entire Evil Clown Costumes, Masks and Accessories and try to scare the wits out of everyone you know. With the recent release of the ‘It’ movie, Scary Clown costumes have soared in popularity (admittedly, not clowns of the nice variety) and with a few key pieces you can even dress up like Pennywise himself (if you’re feeling brave enough…) Here at Shindigs, we’ve got plenty of freaky Clown costumes (pleasant and unpleasant) to make sure your Halloween costume is truly terrifying! Our large range of Creepy Latex Masks is a huge hit with our customers! From Claude, to Freckles to the Joker himself, these masks will be enough to freak out even the most unspookable guest! ... continue reading
International Talk Like a Pirate Day – How to dress and talk like a pirate!!!
By on 6 September 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Ahoy there Me Hearty’s, Batten down the hatches because September 19 th marks International Talk like a Pirate Day. This is largely recognised as a major fundraiser and to raise awareness for The Childhood Cancer Support organisation but also just for a bit of fun and to keep pirattitude alive. Argh Shiver me timbers, this quick and handy blog will give you a few key sayings to heave ho into your everyday language as well as show you the right costumes to wear for the occasion so you don’t hornswaggle your way out of it. Avast Ye old scallywags! Shindigs have a wide range of Adults and Kids costumes to show your colours and get savvy for the day. Whether you’re a lumbering landlubber or a seasoned seadog, we’ve got all the Pirate costume supplies you’ll... continue reading
Oktoberfest is nearly here - Prost!
By Shindigs on 29 August 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Guten Tag! Oktoberfest is nearly here again and that means it’s time to start preparing for the occasion! German-inspired decorations, some blue & white supplies to mimic the colours of Bavaria, and, of course, the beer itself! There’s heaps of fantastisch things you can do for your Oktoberfest party, so take a look at this post for some inspiration and check out our wide range of Oktoberfest supplies online – no need to say Danke, we’ve got your back! ... continue reading
Unicorn Party Ideas (Tableware, Decorations, Cakes and More!)
By Shindigs on 9 August 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Magical, mystical and wonderful – just a few adjectives to describe a unicorn themed party! This party theme has soared in popularity in recent months, with heaps of customers throwing magical unicorn themed parties for their children! Getting some pastel white , pink , blue and purple party supplies, mixing them with some rainbow ... continue reading
Moana Party Supplies
By on 27 July 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

GREAT TIPS FOR DECORATING A MOANA PARTY!!!! Moana is the latest Disney Princess to take the world by a ‘Sea’ storm and Shindigs has the guide to help you become a master finder of party decorations, much like Maui. So don’t stand there at the edge of water, read this handy blog for great ideas on Moana party decorations. Starting with the basics, every party needs Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery and Table covers. Shindigs have great competitive prices on all their... continue reading
Gold & Silver Party Decorations for Every Occasion!
By Shindigs on 8 June 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

If you’re looking to throw an elegant party on a budget, gold & silver party ware is the way to go! Whether it be matte gold & silver items, or items with some shiny foil on them, they’re bound to add some sophistication to any affair! Here at Shindigs, we’ve got a growing range of gold & silver party supplies that work for heaps of different occasions, including baby showers, engagements, 1st birthday parties and so many more! This handy little blog will help provide some inspiration and ideas for anyone planning a g... continue reading
Rose Gold Balloons for Every Rose Gold Fan!
By Shindigs on 2 May 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Everyone is going mad for rose gold party supplies at the moment and we here at Shindigs are joining in on the craze! We’ve recently got in some gorgeous rose gold foil letter and number balloons (as well as some small rose gold 5 inch latex balloons ) and they’re already flying off the shelf! If you’re in love with everything rose gold, we aren’t judging – and you’re definitely not alone! ... continue reading
Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies & Ideas
By Shindigs on 19 April 2017 (No comments - click here to comment)

Are you feeling curiouser and curiouser? Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? Then why not throw an Alice in Wonderland party! From Alice herself to the eccentric Mad Hatter and the grinning Cheshire cat, Alice in Wonderland is a timeless classic filled with wonderful characters that have allowed it to become a favourite amongst both the young and young at heart! For this reason, it’s also a very popular party theme – we get asked for Alice in Wonderland party supplies all the time! We’ve recently got in some wonderful decorations to add to our Alice in Wonderland range (perfect for any un-birthday party!) This handy little blog is full of ideas and inspiration to help you plan a wonderful Alice in Wonderland party – don’t worry, the planning will be as fun as the party itself! ... continue reading
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